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Transformative RNA
Therapeutics Technology

OligonTM is an emerging biotechnology company developing a novel class of multimodal RNA therapeuticas.

Oligon’sTM patent protected SeekRTM RNA therapeutics platform technology connects dual RNA aptamer binders flanking a double stranded RNA bridge that encodes for 2 or more siRNA silencers. The binder and silencer components are selected, created and integrated together into a single chimeric RNA oligonucleotide agent which can be chemically synthesized and efficiently manufactured on scale.
Multiple in vivo studies have demonstrated that Oligon’sTM SeekRTM therapeutic agents are pharmacologically stable, well tolerated and highly effective against various animal models of cancer.
OligonTM has a robust pipeline of novel pre-clinical cancer programs and expects to initiate their first IND-enabling studies soon.

A SeekRTM is a single self-delivering RNA compound that can be designed and directed to seek out receptors on specific cell type or tissues with unprecedented precision and accuracy.

OligonTM has the potential to transform the RNA therapeutics field, and to eventually disrupt the antibody therapeutics industry.